Friday, February 03, 2006

Has It Come to This?

I'm pushing my three score and ten, and it seems that almost everything now requires tangling with the "computer world" and I am not finding it easy, comprehensible, or satisfying.

All I wanted to do was to add a small remark to a friend's commentary, and I have found myself wading through days of learning and searching and pages of decisions and mysteries trying to qualify, just so I can encourage him.

It is necessary; it is not fun. Is it worth it? Well, yes, if it eventually gives him the reassurance he is seeking and if it lifts his spirit. So I plodded through the sign-up process, gritting my teeth, struggling with the meaning and purpose of every line and box and question and decision... and wishing good deeds were much easier and entirely more anonymous.

Now I hope to go to his "blog" - and where did this term "blog" come from? - and say my say to his delimna and express my concern for his plight. I am anxious as to which new terms I will have to employ: user name? password? Title, Signature? Blog address? (etc.) Will I give the right information on the right line? And then what? Will it go to his location/site/blog/pigeon hole? How?

I guess I can not tell you my password, but Oh! is it ever appropriate!

Papa John


At 11:33 AM, Blogger Patty said...

Let me guess-- Is it "fragaschmaga*#$&*!"? Welcome to the world of blogging. (Blog, by the way, is an abbreviation for weblog, cuz that word is just too long to say.)



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