Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Week in the Woods with Friends.

For the past week, Betty and I have been enjoying again the fellowship of Camp Irondyke in northeastern Oregon. Up in the national forest above Union, OR, is a forty acre site owned and operated by christians who have been promoting christian family camping for over fifty years. We have grown to love these special folk and the last week of July when we gather together for a week which features Sunday morning Worship, daily classes and singing, activities and "dinner on the grounds".

This time Patty and her three daughters came along. What fun it was to see them so involved all week with the activities and with several special friends who also attended.

Silas Shotwell brought a wonderful series of thoughts and challenges with insights to Phillipians and an intriguing view into Dr. Darby's "Little Book". (See Patty's blog for the entire text which can be read in a single breath, but which will deeply enrich your life if followed.)

Spending a week in the piney woods with friends is relaxing and refreshing. The setting is beautiful, the pace is leisurely, the shared meals are especially tasty in the outdoors, and the visiting always reveals mutual friends and common experiences which are fun to recall and relive. We highly recommend family camping with long-time friends.

Save the last week of July in 2007 and come park your camper or pitch your tent near us. Bring chairs for the classes and the singings and plan to join us for potluck dinners most evenings. There's a campfire hour in the evening for songs and skits and poetic readings. TV pales compared to this self generated entertainment.

Since we have been traveling so much this month, I'll do a little "catch-up" over the next few days. Watch for more photos and a little less commentary for a change.

Meanwhile, This weekend is special because 100% of our own kids are home and 100% of our grandchildren are here too. We are indeed deeply blessed with family at home and the sounds of happy voices as adults joke and laugh and as cousins giggle, tease, and sing together is truly music of the finest kind. Thank You, Lord. Posted by Picasa


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