Monday, November 27, 2006


We seem to have helped set several new weather records over the past year, but this one became a bit dreary. According to both local papers, this November tops all prior Novembers for total rainfall. Vancouver is now just a few hundreths of an inch short of 12 inches as measured at Pearson Airport, some 10 miles west of us near central Vancouver.

I have regularly emptied my own rain gauge and I am certain I have dumped closer to 18 inches of sparkling dew over the past four weeks. Since we are right at the rise of the foothills and some 400 feet higher that the official station, I'm pretty confident we have had at least half again as much as constitutes the new record down on the open flats.

I know it has rained mightly for days at a time, and we are already for spring to hurry along.
Today has been cold with temperatures between 33 and 37 degrees. A fwm minutes ago a snow squall dropped enough to almost cover the ground and excite birds, squirrels, and small children. In ten minutes the snow shower has passed by and a thin ray of sunshine came out to light up the juncoes, chickadees, and a couple of Western Flickers who were taking turns ravishing the suet feeder.

The wood stove is humming along and we are warm and cozy inside. Now if it would just stay dry a little while I need to put the cover tarp over the camper and button it up for winter. Can it only be November with all this Rain and Snow? Really??


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