Tuesday, February 19, 2008


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**We are beginning to see a new batch of birds as winter wanes and spring begins to arrive. That's fun, but I still haven't documented all of the winter set, and these bright jewels will be gone soon.
**Like this guy: The Varied Thrush (Ixoreus naevius).
**Several thrush have been around daily at our feeders all winter. Bright orange, robin sized, gregarious, and mostly tolerant of other birds, these happy fellas offers a welcome splash of color, especially on the dark or snowy days. Mostly ground feeders like robins, only rarely has one tried to get at the suet in the hanging feeder. But as soon as a flicker or other large bird dislodges suet crumbs from the cage, the thrush are quick to gather the harvest. At such opportunities I have seen as many as ten of them at once, all dashing about, hopping happily, and joining the scramble for the tidbits.
**As soon as spring warmth comes our batch will head north the Canada or more hopefully, on to Alaska for the summer. Maybe they will get to enjoy banks of the Yukon near the town of Eagle for us this year.



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