Monday, April 28, 2008


When the kids were growing up in Alaska, we made a big deal out of looking for signs of spring each year. In fact, we still do, even this year when the unending cold and rain have made it a most discouraging activity. Still, there are trees in blossom now, and yesterday, for the first time this year, I worked outside in a t-shirt. Robins have produced their first clutch already, and tulips are in full riot around the neighborhood. Among other things that made me ache and groan in the yard yesterday was the annual planting of tiny tomatoes for the grandchildren.

Three kinds sort of chose themselves this time. At the Idea Fair Friday out at the county fairgrounds, in the displays and sales areas of the specialty nurseries, I found the usual Sweet 100s and Yellow Pear varities and this year, for the first time, a Grape Tomato. Each was $1.00 a plant.

Here they are, fresh in the ground, freshly watered, and not a weed in sight. Let's see what they look like in about 85 days when the lable promises the first fruit. I'm more realistic about such stuff. Given time for the weather to warm, I think the first tomatoes ripe enough to eat won't be ready until the first week or two of August, just about when my grandson will be coming to see me.

I can't wait!
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At 12:44 PM, Blogger Patty said...

Grandchildren? I thought they were for your daughter! I'm still a week or so away from getting my seeds in the ground.

At 9:17 PM, Blogger David said...

No rush Patty. I hear it's suppose to snow tomorrow! (JK!)


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