Wednesday, July 23, 2008


**Some of you know my goal of downsizing and minimizing stuff so my family doesn't have to go through what I see at some garage and estate sales. I don't think of myself as a hoarder, but over the years I have accumulated a lot of things in the guise of or under the banner of stocking up, supplies I'll need someday, that's a neat item, or that's like a familiar item from my past, or a parent/grandparent kept some of those on hand, etc., etc.

**Without reviewing every strategy or making any serious claims of outstanding success, I have been slowly working at the project off and on. One of the best ways to get rid of good items which are not exactly suitable for eBay is to list them on Craig'slist with a clear description and a couple of good photographs. Items too heavy, too bulky, too difficult to wrap and mail, or in some other way just too awkward to deal with easily can be offered for sale at fair prices to a regional public hungry to find a bargain.

**In recent times I have sold surplus concrete blocks and deck piers, an apple grinder and cider press, vollyball standards, a transit & tripod, a Weber B-B-Q kettle, orchid cactus, a gas-powered edger, wrought-iron railing, building supplies, canning equipment, a pressure cooker/canner, and a bunch more. Tonight it was a fish poacher. All good items, but no longer needed/wanted here and thus available to other folk who had a greater use for them. In recent time much has been made of recycling and passing along useful things to others.

**Here's the best part of all about Craig'slist: folk seeking an item they desire at a price they feel is fair, will drive all the way across the county or from as far as the other side of Portland at their own expense to thrust money into my hand for the pleasure of making my treasures their own.

Isn't that just neat? Imagine!

I grin all the way to the bank!


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