Monday, February 06, 2006

OK, World

I spent about an hour carefully composing the perfect account of my day, with lyrical and poignant passages about my first day of pruning the orchard this year. I told all about the varieties of fruits, the techniques of pruning each, the whole insightful experience of raising a fruit orchard for 18 years, and how nice it felt today to be outdoors in the sun after 40+ days of wet-blanket rain. You would have loved it. I really laid it all out* - feelings, secret thoughts and longings, dreams - and when I went to post it...

The BLOG site was DOWN, GONE, completely OFF the internet, and - novice that I am to this stuff - I LOST THE 500 WORD ESSAY! Arrrrrrrgh....

For a week I've had items on ebay (I'm a novice there too) and something I thought was of high interest to a special hobby group, and fascinating, and valuable, just sold minutes ago for .99 cents and my other item doesn't even have a bid on it. (Don't give up; there is still about 44 minutes left on it.) And my item on craigslist only generated one e-mail from an obviously inappropriate respondant.

So tonight it's Humbug to electronics and to computers and to selling-on-ebay or craig'slist. The world is just too complicated for this old-fashioned curmudgeon.


At least my wife came home.

Otherwise, Pore ol' Papa John

(* most uncharacteristally I must say.)


At 11:01 AM, Blogger Patty said...

Glad to see you got back on the horse. How 'bout we spend an afternoon together?


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