Thursday, August 24, 2006

Praying For Our Sister

Many of you who drop in on this blog from time to time will recognize these folk. The men here (and three others) serve as elders of our congregation. On this occasion they gathered around this precious sister to ask God to protect her during surgery to remove a kidney in which a cancerous tumor had been found. Such prayers are offered in faith and obedience because we are confident in God's mercies and compassion and love and because we understand scripture to instruct us to call upon God with all of our needs. It is not a duty, but a privilege to praise, thank, and petition the Creator of all which exists since he is able to provide relief and satisify our petitions.

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After the operation, the doctor reported that everything was fine, the kidney was out, recovery was well under way, and in fact , since she was already coming around, family could see her in the recovery room in just a few minutes. That news spread rapidly through cell phone calls to many of the Wednesday evening LIFE groups which were meeting throughout the area. We are much relieved and grateful that this part of the treatment process is successfully past.

A gathering of elders (or others) like this for specific prayers in case of medical emergency is not rare. We also pray with families and individuals concerning other kinds of problems, and challenges, and important decisions, and in cases of special thanksgivings. Many times we soon hear reports of wonderful, even unexpected outcomes. A job offer comes from out-of-the-blue, a diagnosed condition turns out to be false or benign, impossibly angry relationships are mended - all of these have happened. One constant I notice, however, in all of these cases is: there must be faith, trust, and hope both in those who are praying and in those for whom we are praying. Doubt or self-will or any lack of submission to God seem to negate the relief which could be sought from the Almighty Lord.

The power in prayer in never found in the ones praying, whether elders, others, or the petitioners themselves. In fact "prayers" offered as ritual or as a formality are not prayer at all. The words we form have in themselves absolutely no power to bring solution or resolution. We and our feeble words are empty and ineffective to control anything in His creation. The "Power of Prayer" is solely in God, who hears and grants loving relief; in fact, I am coming to understand that God listens little to the actual words and instead reads the intent and plea of our hearts and souls.

It was an honor to add our requests to those of many other family members and a host of friends throughout the church, indeed throughout the community, country, and world (as the people who love this lady are truly everywhere). And we are pleased, but not surprised, at the favorable results from yesterdays surgery. Now, will you add your prayers to ours for her ongoing recovery in times ahead as her doctors may elect additional medical treatments. We will continue to boldly take this sister's needs before a beneficient, loving God, who is our ultimate Healer.


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