Sunday, December 10, 2006


[In response to Patty’s challenge recently,
(see )
and as Thank You for a Wonderful Day at the
Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit in Seattle today…]

I have an unshakable faith in Almighty God.
I have a wife who is truly a saint in the Lord’s church.
I have three kids, each much smarter and more polite than I.
I have a terrific son-in-law and a special daughter-in-law.
I have five really special grand daughters.
I have lived in six states.
I have been to all fifty states.
I have traveled by car, train, plane, boat, burro, and shank’s mare.
I have waded in the Gulfs of California, Catalina, Mexico, El Golfo de
Venezuela, and the Bight of Benin.
I have swum in a Salton Sea and in a Great Salt Lake, both buoyantly.
I have fished among sea lions, porpoise, and great grey whales.
I have directed a “mule camp” using wild, free range burros.
I have baptized a man in his wheelchair.
I have two precious Bible Study LIFE Groups I enjoy teaching,
I have visited friends and family in Togo, West Africa – twice.
I have read between two and ten books a week since I was five,
I have walked on Patty’s glacier and others many times.
I have fond memories of the bonsai I used to create and nurture.
I have a fascination with Japanese foods and cooking techniques.
I have donated many gallons of O- blood.
I have a large and wonderful church family.
I have to take nine pills a day currently.
I have a lifelong curiosity about earthquakes and volcanoes.
I have been a janitorial business.
I have a really full schedule, especially on Wednesdays.
I have had a twelve mile long bicycle newspaper route.
I have raised chickens by the hundreds for income.
I have been one of Pacific Telephone’s first long-distance operators.
I have worked in the world’s largest avocado packing plant.
I have rolled massive granite boulders off of a steep mountain.
I have about fifteen versions of the Bible.
I have a thing about shopping at garage and estate sales.
I have a sensitivity to caffeine.
I have a secret 100% productive halibut hole in Alaska.
I have driven the Alaska Highway and all Alaska State highways.
I have a pet-free home.
I have a Dad who is a real special gentleman.
I have my Dad’s career toolbox.
I have been in six foreign countries.
I have viewed NYC from inside the crown of the Statue of Liberty.
I have flat feet.
I have untold and uncountable blessings.
I have a collection of Indian pottery.
I have a son who teaches 3rd grade and does summer mission work.
I have a multi-talented daughter.
I have preached where most folk did not speak/or understand English.
I have a son who is a skilled airplane pilot.
I have a gentleman’s orchard with twenty-two different kinds of fruit.
I have most USA stamps from 1901 to 2000 in mint condition.
I have been shipwrecked in a desert.
I have a fairly large personal library, with emphasis on religious texts.
I have started in oil-painting and have joined a guild of oil painters.
I have had a valid Amateur [Ham] Radio License for about 35 years.
I have fond memories of gillnetting for salmon in Alaska.
I have seriously underused my 22’ camping trailer.
I have a serious itch to move and improve our housing/life situation.
I have climbed Tahquitz Rock with technical gear.
I have directed the musicals Brigadoon and Oklahoma.
I have done a little spelunking.
I have a splendid collection of everyday Togo artifacts.
I have driven the entire Yukon "Top-of-the-World Highway".
I have walked beside the mighty Yukon River.
I have watched noodling on the Mississippi.
I have trucked Duke Snyder’s avocados to the packing plant.
I have free dived to 35’ for abalone at Point Loma.
I have type II diabetes and also take a heart medication.
I have rafted on the Ohio River, Tom Sawyer style.
I have owned at least twelve vehicles in fifty years.
I have, at foot of Niagara Falls, looked behind the falling water.
I have panned gold in famous gold camp communities of Alaska.
I have twice climbed all the steps of the Washington Monument.
I have slept overnight on the New York Subway.
I have seen most of the grand National Parks: Yellowstone, Yosemite, Sequoia, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Arches, National Mall, Carlsbad Caverns, Denali, Death Valley, Grand Teton, Mesa Verde, Redwoods, ETC….
I have precious heirlooms which were my grandparent’s favorites too.
I have pitched chum (bait) on a San Diego deep sea fishing vessel .
I have been a church elder for nearly fourteen years.
I have unknowingly been near a tornado.
I have memories that date to World War II.
I directed a Highways Dept. OJT Program for the Governor of Alaska.
I assisted in emergency communications when Mt. St. Helens erupted.
I helped with recovery efforts when the Princendam sank in Alaska.
I learned to drive in a secret, contraband Model B Ford Roadster.
I attended Tanda church camp for 17 straight years.
I regret selling my '33 Plymouth Coupe with rainbow opera windows.
I was within a few feet of a (25’?) foraging killer whale.
I once had a precious and awesome mentor named Clark.
I taught English classes for a year at Columbia Christian High School.
I am married to a famous published author.
I experienced an early form of school desegregation in Ohio.
I coached golf for a school team.
I passed up a good scholarship from Sanford to attend Pepperdine.
I lettered in Swimming.
I once found rare CA Indian artifacts that were a thousand years old.
I was an Audiologist for the State of Alaska.
I used to camp for days at a time in the Sonoran High Desert.
I retired in 1987.
I soloed an airplane on 8-8-88.
I used to buy 50-80 hamburgers/fries/drinks at a time at McDonalds.
(It was one of the first three stores and burgers were only 12 cents.)
I “vacationed” in Caracas, Venezuela when Betty and I visited GK.
I sunburned badly on a Carribean island.
I am supportive of missions and missionaries that preach the Gospel.
I once enjoyed reading encyclopedias and finished three sets.
(World Book; Book of Knowledge; and much of Encyclopedia Britannica)
I used to play in a Bluegrass Band with a bunch of teacher buddies.
I have way too much stuff.
I am currently in a process of downsizing and minimizing my stuff.
I love genuine bluegrass music, but especially Gospel Bluegrass.
I had dozens of jobs as a teenager.
I really enjoy Bible study.
I am totally frustrated by the rapid pace of change in recent years.
I am convinced that most change does not better the situation.
I wish I still had a boat.
I learned to waterski in New Hampshire; my teacher was a blond.
I saw a GIANT crocodile in the Everglades as it crossed the road.
And just today, thanks to Patty and Edwin, I saw portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls in that inspiring exhibit in Seattle's Science Center. Thanks, Kids.

TAG, Now it's YOUR TURN. Just tell me where to find your list.


At 2:17 PM, Blogger Patty said...

Papa, how can you not know you were near a tornado? What's flying 8-8-88? How can you sleep on a moving subway? What did the 25 foot Orca look like? Why do you go to garage sales? How old was I when you went rafting? Where did you go spelunking? What kind of vehicles did you own? Where near our house in togo did you get your collection? Why don't
you tell me these when I come over sometime? Jessica

At 2:22 PM, Blogger Patty said...

What did you mean by 8-8-88? How can you drive a car in secret? How can you not know when you're near a tornado? How can you sleep overnight on a subway? I've never seen your library before. When did you go to all the 50 states? Have you really done all these things?

At 2:22 PM, Blogger Patty said...

Wish you coul dhave heard the grunts, squeals and comments as the girls read your list aloud! Thanks for sharing.

At 7:41 PM, Blogger G.Wyatt said...

How can you remember all those things? There are several on the list that I will need to talk with you further about... these are the kind of stories I used to beg you for.... it is a lot easier to think of them in a calm moment than under pressure, I am sure.

At 11:46 PM, Blogger David said...

Wow! What a life! And still going strong! I was amazed by how much I did know. But like my siblings, I was left with some questions...

I could only think of five states. Some of the career steps were new to me (avocados, PacTel). I think a blog entry about the shipwreck is in order…we’re all on the edge of our seats on that one! I had never heard of Tahquitz Rock, but after a Google search I am amazed! It looks a bit like Devil’s Tower! Other things I did not know were noodling, artifacts, NH waterskiing, desegregation, and the Model B Roadster. And wasn’t the Plymouth technically a 33-1/2?

Thanks for your hard work on this Dad. Lots of memories and stories to share with the next generation.


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