Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Standing tall in the center is my niece, Lisa Dawn , in the midst of her four youngest.

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In order of their ages: At the right is Daril, at the left is Hadley, in red is Graclyn, and the young fella in Momma's arms is Wyatt. These are really neat kids. Lively, but not irritating; curious and full of questions; well behaved and polite. each was interesting to talk with, and I admire their individual interests and observations. This bunch is fun to be around.

We almost exactly repeated the last day of our prior trip to California on this trip too. We left Ripon (near Modesto) in time to attend morning worship services in Lodi and once again got to sit with this family and with our dear friend Kay, namesake to our own Patty Kay (who was traveling with us this time). Last time I took everyone to lunch at Round Table for pizza and salad, but this time Kay asked the whole lot of us to her Sunday table in Galt. As usual, the meal was similar to a midwest family noon-feast with many plates and bowls of delicious foods. It was delightful.

After the emotion laden week in Oakdale and Modesto, we needed and greatly benefitted from being (even briefly) with such a fine young family and in the company of a couple we have known for over forty-five years. It was refreshing on several levels and deeply appreciated.

After lunch we had to rush off, heading north to Redding, where we made it to my brother Marty's in time for dinner with him and new wife Pat. And after a good night's rest, it was Hurry, Hurry, Hurry home again to pick up more schedules and obligations and planned tasks like prepping the house for a paint job, etc., etc....

Someday, I would love to travel without having to preplan every stop and visit to the hour, always being held to a rigid schedule full of limitations and deadlines. When I can go visiting without the clock controlling every layover, I'm going to include Galt and Lodi and Redding and spend several leisure days in each place with these truly special folk.


At 9:18 PM, Blogger Linda said...

I'm happy to hear you are back home, safely. You've been in my prayers.

I know what you mean about traveling and being tied to a schedule. Seems it's always the case with us. Although . . . maybe our Ireland trip will be different! I'm hoping so.


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