Friday, January 29, 2010


Betty and I were able to be with my Dad to celebrate his 91st birthday last week. He's still sharp; still mobile; still a special gentleman. He and Naomi were just recovering from a couple of weeks of a bad cold, and we were able to help some in their recovery and still enjoy a good visit. In fact we postponed all other forms of recreation to just stay indoors with them and concentrate on visiting and on meal preparation. We hope that 2010 will be a healthy, banner year for them. We were able to take them out to share a celebration lunch at a favorite restaurant. Sister Janet and Mike and their sons came along too. The best birthdays always bring family together. Way to go, guys!

The last couple of days we did drive to The San Diego area to spend some time with my amazing 95 year old Aunt Edith - the original energized bunny, er... active senior. She is over 52 years into serving the Boy Scout programs in her region and continues serving on the regional council Eagle Scout Board, and on the merits and awards records for all the troops and packs in the region as well as remaining active with her own cub scout pack. by working with the kids and by training new leaders. Her other activities alone would exhaust other mere mortals, but she "keeps on tickin' with dozens of comunity service events and with several personal interests. She's Awesome.

Another way the number "52" popped up on this trip was in realizing that I first visited the Redondo Church of Christ that many years ago. Some of the friends I made then are still attending, and renewing those friendships and a score of more recent ones is always a treat. The many expressions of love and concern for my folks there was reassuring as I know these special people are going to continue looking after Dad and Naomi. Thanks to the ministries of the individuals at the RCofC.
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