Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Many of you who read my blogs are aware that my Bride, Betty, is an accomplished writer. Much of her recent acclaim has been the result of her book , "JESSIE", which you should obtain and read if you have not done so yet.

Betty also writes for other venues. In the example I am sharing in this post, she had written about one of our youngest son's favorite toys, Spot. Because we all enjoyed the story so much, she was encouraged to submit it to her favorite magazine, "Christian Woman". After a few rounds of correspondence, and a period of waiting, the story has been published as the second featured article in the Nov/Dec 2009 edition.

The little tale is about a special stuffed animal which is so loved it needs to be recovered time and again as it accompanies our son through his childhood. Granny Ruth, Betty's mother, rebuilds Spot each time his hide begins to fray from all the shared adventure. Although Spot's appearance consequently changes from time to time, his vital companionship never fails the boy who caries him through life. There is a lot of love in Grandma's repairs too, and the precious story is told in heart touching words. This is one of Betty's best "Short stories".

Ask around and find a friend who receives the magazine. It's a good publication and quite popular among ladies in our congregation.

Christian Woman magazine is published in Nashville. I do not know of any newsstand or magazine rack or bookstore in our region where copies may be purchased. Perhaps a copy could be arranged by calling 1-800-251-8446 or by clicking http://www.gospeladvocate.com/. If I understand the inserted subscription postcard, a new, first-year subscription costs $10.00 at Gospel Advocate Company, 1006 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville TN 37210-9910. This would be a great gift for any reason or season for any Christan woman. Ladies: Tell the significant "him" in your life you want a subscription; leave the address and price in plain sight; remind him often. Men: Always wondering what to get for "her"? Take a hint for Christmas.
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At 6:34 PM, Blogger Linda said...

Congratulations, Betty, for this publication!

At 9:21 PM, Blogger Kristi said...

I remember this story well. Who illustrated it?

At 11:43 PM, Blogger Papa John said...

Credit for the full page illustration goes to a Randy Garrett, who did a really fine job.


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