Tuesday, February 08, 2011



Today we honor the extraordinary life and indomitable spirit of Larry Schoenborn.

A man of high standards and fine character, Larry was the essence of a focused life and illustrated it time again in achievements like the "Larry's Sports Centers" and "Fishing the West" and "Fishing with Larry", each an outstanding career monument to his determination and vigorous work ethic.

It took a vicious cancer twelve years to bring him down, but it never vanquished his enthusiasm for life or his love and cheerfulness with family or friends.

We will miss Larry but we will never forget the way he filled our lives with caring and sharing and steady encouragement. He showed us how to live a fulfilled life by staying involved, by doing what is right, by honoring God and family, and by demonstrating that we should "never, never give up."

Thank you, my friend, and enjoy casting your line over Jordan and in the Crystal Sea.

[PS To see more of Larry's story, scroll down to my January 18th entry.]

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