Wednesday, March 28, 2007


This has been a week of blessings for us. The main attraction has been Dana (now Moats, soon Wyatt), a treasure Geoffrey has brought home to his parents for Spring Break. Plans are furiously underway for their wedding to be shared in Juneau on June 9th.

There will be much more to share on this subject in the future, but to chronicle a portion of this week we will start with the picture above; Geoffrey and Dana in front of the lower section of Multnomah Falls. Rainy and misty weather did not dampen our spirits or theirs as we drove a portion of the original gorge highway, lunched in the lodge, or hiked up to the intermediate bridge. We looped out as far as The Bridge of the Gods before returning home via Hwy 14.

I know Geoffrey is twitterpated, and that's expected. But Betty and I are falling in love too - with Dana, as are Patty, the twins, and above all, Tabitha. We are all enjoying getting to know her and we are beginning to see what a fine couple they are going to be. We already can see Dana is going to fit right in with the "inner whackiness" of the Wyatt side of clans, and she is going to hold her own nicely.

Dana is the answer to over thiry years of specific prayers; how could she not be awesome?


At 3:03 PM, Blogger Patty said...

Who said they came to visit you? Just 'cuz they're staying at your house... They clearly came to be with US!


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