Sunday, February 21, 2010


One my current pursuits is trying to figure out how to paint in oils. When I found and joined the Northwest Oil Painter's GUild (NOPG) I discovered a number of other folk of various levels of experience and skill. Most of these painters are on the same journey, as it were, and have been encouraging. I am still looking for a mentor, but I have identified several artists whose work I enjoy. One of them is Shirley, seen here doing an instructional demonstration at our last gathering.

Amazingly, she created an entire picture with a "limited palette" - sky, water, and a fine sailing vessel - all while sharing a running commentary on paints, technique, brushes and other equipment, and more. I was impressed with her clear explanations and easy way of making the complicated details easy to understand. One wonder of her palette is that she includes every color with which she works into every individual color mix she combines and includes in each painting. This makes her colors blend is a special way and gives her use of light and highlights a deep glow. This really looks great in her pictures of water and sky.

Toward the end of each meeting a period of sharing and learning occurs in a "show and tell" fashion. Members bring one or two paintings they have done (or are working on) to elicit comment, ask advice, point out a particular feature of the painting process, or seek advice and instruction. Sometimes, new individuals bring oil paintings to be "juried" by club officers as part of the process of joining NOPG. I like this part of the meeting because I get to see the work of others and learn from painters who display a variety of styles and approaches to their subjects.
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At 8:15 PM, Blogger Gwyn said...

Greetings from Juneau, Alaska!
Her painting is beautiful. I love sailboats.:)


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