Thursday, June 03, 2010


We just spent a couple of days with David and his girls while their Momma was on a "Teacher of the Year" trip to Texas. This time Tabitha went along with us. On Wednesday, Tabitha, a home-schooled student, attended her first full day in a classroom environment. With the permission of officials at the Private Church School, especially Mrs. Duncan, the second grade teacher, Tabitha experienced what a room-full of other students can be like.
It turns out that school was the highlight of the whole trip. We asked what her favorite part was. Well, recess, of course, since she got to run ten laps of the rainy-day indoor activity. But get this. She liked Math too! Seems like she held her own in class and when the homework sheets she worked later that afternoon were checked by Grandpa, Tabitha got 100%, front and back, on all the multiplication probems presented.
Back home in Vancouver, her Momma said, "That's my girl.", but Momma wasn't any more proud than Granda and Grandpa.
Learning is all about new experiences, and it does take a team - sometimes. So special thanks to Payton for hosting her cousin, to her school for its hospitality, and to the gracious and adaptable Mrs. Duncan, teacher of twenty-two, plus One.
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