Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Christmas morning, amid the multiple rounds of opening presents (who's turn is it next?), we came to the moment when the Annual Papa Wyatt and Naomi Envelopes are distributed to everyone - usually from their carefully selected places of honor in the upper branches and decorations of the Christmas tree - and we all share in the love and attention of those thoughtful gifts.

As we were each considering our own portion and how we might use a few personal dollars, I noticed one of the grand-daughters intently studying a twenty dollar bill. (Their Mom had thoughtfully converted the Christmas check this year so the girls would see actual cash when they opened their own.) This bill was one of the new treasury, anti-counterfeit issues, and had that strange yellowish cast to the front and the more usual, historic color on the the back side. Most noticably, it was really a "mint" issue, meaning in this case, it was absolutly unused and as sharp and crisp and new as if straight-off-the-press that moment! A flawless, eye-catching specimen!

"This money is brand new", she exclaimed in tone of wonder. "It's never even been folded, and it's just starting to turn green."

I don't think she understood either the brief moment of silence (while the adults processed that grand revelation) or the howls of mirth and merryment as we all roared at the implications and innocence of her observation. And you know, in one sense, her description absolutely valid.

So, in the midst of a morning of abundant blessings, a money-memory was made to be enjoyed long after the new bill is spent, bent, crumpled, folded, soiled, and multilated. The memory is worth far more than the denomination, for it is priceless to us.


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