Saturday, April 21, 2007


NOTE: The timid and faint-hearted or easily upset should not read this blog!

If you are as concerned and angry as I am about the continuing plague of violence affecting America, and you do not mind going to a "youtube" site, the following URL will call up one of several reasons why many of these tragedies affect youth and why they are likely to continue to happen.

WARNING: This video is STRONG stuff.

What's left of the "greatest generation" weeps at what our country has become and at the evils which continue to destroy the souls of America's youth.

The first step in reclaiming our country is to once again make it "One Nation under God"! And the first step in that process is to pray that God will lift up citizen-leaders whose single hearted purpose is to restore faith and righteousness throughout government and society and in the daily lives of all the people.

If you agree, and you really mean it, pray already!

Until God is welcome again in schools, in media, in homes and in hearts ... and in churches ... Ain't nothin' different goin' to happen. It will only get worse.

And keep praying. Without ceasing!


(And Tnx, FH!)


At 12:58 AM, Blogger MAI said...

I hope in your Godfearing America there is room for those of us who are non Christian lovers of God. It is not only the members of Abrahamic religions who have a stake in this country, you know.

At 1:58 PM, Blogger Papa John said...

Good point, Mia.

I hope your God is living, and loving, merciful, redemptive, and accessable to His faithful children, as is mine.

Sadly, what we have to fear in America the most are the ungodly who have no god except their own selfish bellies.

Truth and goodness are qualities we should all try to share, whatever else we believe in. We honestly should be taking care of one another and the world in which we live, as these are paths to mutual happiness too. Let us also remember the less fortunate around us and lend them a hand.


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