Thursday, January 04, 2007


Everyone likes birthdays, right? Well, today is "our birthday, although the family asked to have it early this time, on New Year's Eve, while they were all here except Geoffrey.

But really, today is "our" day because yesterday was Betty's and tomorrow is mine, and the first time we celebrated together was on 4th, before we married. We called it "our birthday". It was also our first date.

We had met before, but once the fuse was lit it only took me 30 days to propose (February 4th), and less than 30 days more (February 23rd) to marry this wonderful girl who is my wife. So we continue to celebrate "our birthday" together, and I love it.

Happy Birthday again this morning, my darling, my friend, my wife, lover, encourager, joy, inspiration, and delight.

Let the celebration continue.


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