Sunday, July 25, 2010


Actually, it was a reunion commemorating the twenty years since this class graduated, and probably not the 20th time they had tried to gather. Quite a few came - most from the local area (or the PNW) and a few from further, including North Carolina and , naturally, Alaska. Friday night the class dined together at a Red Lion restaurant and Saturday afternoon a picnic gathering at Columbia Christian was enjoyed by a crowd which included the kids and a couple of former teachers like me.
This was most of the folk gathered, except for a few chasing kids or inside for other reasons. I'm giving you a closer look at the Alaska attendees below.
This was the graduating class of the year I taught after I retired from teaching in Alaska. That's quite a story on its own, but I enjoyed this unexpected year and the students with whom I worked. It is still fun to run into one of these students and discover what life has offered since "Pomp and Circumstance".
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