Saturday, February 14, 2009


In an annual interschool competition held this week at Concordia College in Portland, several small, private schools from across Washington and Oregon met to allow students to show their skills in Mathematics, Science, Language Arts (like spelling), Vocal Arts, Sports and Drama. Several members of our granddaughter's school in the "Tri-Cities" area attended and put their best efforts into the individual events and into the Drama in particular. We think the 200 mile drive and three day excursion was well worth it for the students and for every who was able to attend any part of the many events.

The cast and supporting managers of each group were allowed just thirty minutes to ready the stage, erect any sets they had brought, check the costuming and make-up, present the brief play chosen, and exit the stage with cast and paraphernalia intact. There seemed to be no hurry as everyone in Katie's troupe clearly knew their assignments and were soon ready to call for the house lights to be dimmed, the stage lights to be broought up, and the play to begin.
The story is a familiar American Classic about the powerful hand driller, John Henry, defeating the challenger, a steam powered machine in a grueling face-off. Our star skillfully portrayed the drill holder, Little Bill, whose steady hand and encouragement supported John Henry throughout the contest. While triumphant in the effort, the mighty man paid the ultimate price for his effort, thus attaining the heroic status his story holds in the major folklore of America.
While our attention was upon the whole cast, of course, we could not help being particularly proud of "little Bill" in this drama, convincingly playing the role of John Henry's sidekick as well as frequent foil to several other key characters in the play. We have seen Katie's talent in other "family" dramas and we are not surprised at her stage presence, clear diction, well-projected voice, and convincing appearance. We are always proud when any of our kids/grandkids do their best, and we are doubly proud when their best is superb. Well done, Girl!!


At 8:53 PM, Blogger Linda said...

I see the buttons poppin' off your chest, Grandpa! And well they should! I know you must be very proud of her. Really cute picture, too!


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