Sunday, April 19, 2009


Saturday, David flew his Cessna 150 over here for a short visit and lunch, which is always a nice treat for us. This time, before he headed home for dinner, he took each of the twins up for a brief airplane ride.
The girls each remarked later that one of the most interesting aspects of flying "low" (that means "not way up high like in a big jet") was that you can see so much and that everything below was really "tiny".
Their dad was working just a few miles directly east of the little country airport and on each flight an attempt was made to locate him to wave. He even started a small fire to help, but the day being one of the first nice weekend opportunities, fifty other folk in the same general area also had small yard fires going to clean up after winter, so that didn't help, and even phone calls between earthbound father and pilot uncle didn't precisely nail down the effort.
It was a nice try all around, and the twins think they would like to experience some more "low and slow" sightseeing someday. Meanwhile everyone is saying thanks to David for taking the time and effort to share his passion for flying with "the cousins" to his girls.
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